Is Reflexology Scientific?

Reflexology, often referred to as energy therapy, is a non-traditional medical practice that incorporates the application of gentle foot and hand massage strokes that target specific regions on the hands as well as the feet. This type of therapy doesn't require oil or lotion. A lot of people believe that Reflexology can help treat a vast spectrum of ailments, including sore muscles and chronic headaches. Recent research has proven that Reflexology may be beneficial for some conditions, such as headaches, joint pains, migraine headaches as well as sinus pain. However, these results do not prove the effectiveness of Reflexology Further studies are needed to confirm its advantages.

신사동출장마사지 Many Asian countries have been practicing Reflexology since the early 1900's when a Swiss therapist created a technique known as "Reikaku" or "finger pressure." There are a variety of theories that underlie the practice of Reflexology which is a generalization of the is believed that the body has inherent self-healing capabilities, and that when pressure is applied to specific parts of the hands and feet and feet, certain "meditations" are carried out which stimulate the healing capabilities of the body. This is a natural approach to healing similar to the methods used by Ayurvedic doctors. A lot of the principles that are utilized in reflexology can also be applied to Ayurvedic medicine.

Some of the benefits of foot reflexology include relaxation and pressure reduction in addition to pain relief, stress management and detoxification. Some doctors believe that foot reflexology is able to influence the nervous system and be capable of treating more than just the feet. Many think that foot reflexology should be reduced to just a basic foot massage. The truth is that it is a very simple method that can be learned and utilized from the comfort at home.

For the first time begin, you should learn lay on a solid surface like a table bed or floor. It is also important to ensure that you have enough room to move around without having to bend or lower. You might experience less movement when applying pressure to reflex points if you're lying on a hard surface. When you are at ease you can perform a basic foot massage.

You can use the tips of your fingers to apply pressure to certain areas of the chart of foot reflexology. The goal is to identify zones of your hands as well as feet that connect with various organs and organs in your body. These reflex points can then be used to trigger specific organs, which can help ease physical pains.

Reflexology is an art which requires you to pay careful attention to your hands and feet. Pay attention to your ears and reflex points. These points connect to the nerves controlling the hearing, movement and relaxation.

The "caudate" located in the foot's lower part is the most commonly used reflexology point in the foot. Other reflex points include the "sacro-media" located in the top of your foot and the "preferabric" situated in the upper hand. Each of these reflex points are associated with organs that are crucial to general health. You can ease your symptoms and restore balance to the nervous system by focusing your foot massage on these areas.

A few critics of reflexology claim that, although the scientific evidence isn't conclusive, there is a myriad of anecdotal accounts of people who have sought the holistic treatment to treat different illnesses. Critics of reflexology argue that there isn't any an evidence-based scientific proof that reflexology works. They claim that patients were able to treat their ailments by paying close attention to the exact position of the reflex points. Although there isn't any research to prove that reflexology is harmful, there are some instances of evidence that indicate it could be dangerous.

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